Personal Trainer at every Class

Get Started

This is a class for those who are new to kettlebell training. The class focuses on the basic kettlebell movements and proper form. You will learn the Deadlift, Two Handed Swing, Goblet Squats, Halos and Hard Style Planks. All new members will be required to take the “Get Started Skills Test” before moving on.

Basic 3

Is a continuation of kettlebell training. This class reviews what you learned in “Get Started “.  The emphasis of this phase is on refining the basic movements and learning additional kettlebell movements. This class refines combinations of movements while building endurance, strength and agility.

Basic 6

Learn, train, and master the 6 basic movements of the SFG School of Strength: the Swing, Get-up, Clean, Press, Front Squat, and the Snatch. This phase is designed for those members who just want more!

Butt Burning Workshop

This class is for all levels and will combine kettlebell training with other functional training methods to help members reach the pinnacle of physical fitness! This is a fun, up-tempo, high-energy training, that will burn fat and get your heart racing!!

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