I’ve been going to Hellz Bellz Firtness for 3 weeks and have had increasingly challenging workouts. The variety, enthusiasm, and encouragement provided by the instructor is fantastic!

Katelyn S.

Last year I discovered the glories of kettlebells workouts.  I exercise regularly but I HATE gyms.  But I love kettlebells and you get a great workout pretty quickly.  The minor aches and pains of the desk-bound life have disappeared!  So have my love handles!

I really like Carl, the owner/instructor.  He is very knowledgeable about the body and exercises.  The gym isn’t very big but it’s nice, clean and full of all kinds of fun stuff- not just kettlebells but rings, pullies, battle ropes, etc.  Carl is continually adding more stuff.

Finally I did some price comparisons and Hellz Bellz is very reasonable priced. I guess the down size is that it may not be open as often as some other gyms.  Check the schedule-  I highly recommend the gym!


I’ve been coming to Hellz Bellz Fitness for quite awhile. The one-on-one instruction is excellent. The instructor is knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Also, kettlebells are more kinetic than just lifting weights, which can be a bit of a bore. With kettlebells, there’s a smooth, rhythmic flow. I’m building muscle fast and enjoying it, too. Love Hellz Bellz!


I just started going to Kettlebell classes at Hellz Bellz Fitness and I am having a blast! I can already tell that I am getting stronger and looking forward to the weight loss. Carl, the instructor, is always making sure I have the proper form so I don’t hurt myself, I actually enjoy going to workout which is new for me!

Colleen M.

What a wonderful kettlbell gym! The instructor is a great motivator! Thank you for the wonderful workouts!


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