Video of the Month

What are your desires in health? What are your goals? Do you want to get stronger, thinner or develop muscle? Increase your core strength with fast, fun and effective workouts? Are you injured? Have back pain? Are you in rehabilitation? Are you recently returning to exercise?

Like small, personalize gyms? HellzBellz Fitness is the answer for you! Our classes have doctor supervised, customized programs with an experienced Russian Kettlebell trainer and chiropractic physician, with ongoing Kettlebell and functional movement classes in the Beaverton area.

Video 1

Good hip thrust! Making major improvements.

Video 2

Many things wrong with this form. The body is too loose and the abs are not engaged. This creates an arch with the lower back. A tight core is needed at the top of the swing, and the neck is extended too much when bent over. Form is everything!

Video 3

Good balance! Overhead extension is nice. Good breathing while keeping body tight and engaged.

Video 4

Super clean but need to lift chin. Proper hip drive. Forearm is connected tight to the body and the kettlebell doesn’t bounce at the top. Nice!

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