Why Kettlebells?

HellzBellz Fitness offers doctor supervised and customized programs for everyone!  Through our constant support your will find results that will last for the long term- no gimmicks or fluff. All of our workouts use Kettlebells and include strength and endurance elements.

HellzBellz Fitness embraces a somewhat holistic approach to training. The entire body is taken into account during training. Each session will incorporate joint mobility for healthy joints, strength for toning muscles, cardio and aerobic conditioning, core balance, flexibility, fat burning, strength training and always free nutritional and lifestyle advice. We design our programs through your goals, wants and needs! Our mission is to ensure individualized attention and safe and expert instruction.

HellzBells Fitness is unique!

  • All of our classes are limited ensuring  you safe and expert fitness training
  • Our gym has certified Russian Kettlebell Instructors. Kettlebells have been proven by The American Council on Exercise to “boost strength and cardiovascular fitness, while also increasing balance and flexibility”.

Your first week is free!

Improves Strength

Check out the benefits of training with kettlebells:

  • Strengthens the posterior chain of the body;  back, butt, hamstrings, calves
  • Kettlebells combine cardio and strength training in every workout so you spend less time working out, with better results
  • When done properly, kettlebells forge a strong back and core
  • Non-impact exercises are gentle on the joints and back
  • We provide hands-on training at all times
  • We teach you how to safely and effectively use kettlebells, Suspension Training and your own body to reach your health and fitness goals
  • Our instructors must hold a current kettlebell certification to ensure your safety
  • We keep our classes small – 10 people or less – so you get a more personalized workout experience
  • Our trainers and our students are friendly, fun and welcoming
  • We foster a sense of community and belonging; you’ll never be just a face in the crowd
  • Ask about our 100% money-back guarantee

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Weight Loss

Kettlebell Training is essential for people looking to reap fast rewards while blasting fat and building strength. Training with a kettlebell is great for men and women, regardless of age, shape, size or fitness level.

According to an article written by the American Council on Exercise- a kettlebell workout burns approximately 1200 calories in 60 minutes.

Increases lean and functional muscle mass

What is a Kettlebell? Envision a cannon ball with a handle attached to it- this is a Kettlebell! Kettlebells are ideal because they epitomize full body movement and blend strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, mobility and flexibility into a workout! Imagine body movements through coordinated physical effort where you will learn how to move better!

Russian Kettlebell training- where you will have constant support and everyone is welcome! You can change your life, reach your goals, and have a heck of a lot of fun during the process! Come try what everyone is talking about!

Core Strength

The real “core” is not the abs you can see when you lean out, but abdominal muscles that are too deep to ever gaze at in the mirror. The core is your back, your lats, your hips, and you can even argue the core is your feet. If we read Thomas Myers, and others, who write about fascial lines, we see our “core” is connecting our entire body from the ground up.

Why does this matter to your kettlebell training? Kettlebells offer an incredible opportunity to train the core from head to toe.

Strengthens the entire posterior chain

Kettlebell training is a full body workout! It not only combines strength training and cardiovascular conditioning but also works on your mobility and flexibility – teaching you to move with quality and in your full range of motion. The kettlebell doesn’t isolate, but links, muscle chains to work together and function as one. With proper technique and guidance, we guarantee that you will learn for yourself why kettlebells are so special!

Enhanced flexibility/coordination/balance

Kettlebell exercises increase functional movement. Due to the full range of motion these drills require the whole body is working to move, or swing, as well as stabilize the kettlebell, building the proper balance of mobility and stability.  The increased range of motion found in kettlebells will improve flexibility, as well as improve the strength of deeper stabilizing muscles.

With kettlebell training, the focus is on hip mobility, hip and core strength, back side strength, hamstring strength, glutes, lower back, shoulders- all these muscles that you use to shovel snow, help friends move couches, climb stairs, or push yourself up from the ground. Kettlebells in general, as well as the movements that you go through because of them, really have a good strong functional component to help you in everyday life. Kettlebells melt fat without with the dishonor of dieting.

Increased Mental Toughness

Hellz Bellz Fitness isn’t a look or a size, it’s a FEELING. Fitness is a way of life and a state of mind. We define fitness as feeling strong, energetic, healthy and thriving in your daily and athletic pursuits. We want to help YOU redefine your fitness with kettlebells.

Whatever your shape, size, age, or background, we are committed to YOU as you redefine your fitness beyond what you’ve ever thought possible. What commitment will you make?


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